About Fantaski

Tired of gripping wax and backsliding cross-country skis? Fantaski gives you the sliding abilities of skating skis combined with a unique grip, without any gripping wax applied at all!

A simple solution
The patended principle consists of splitting the sole longitudinally. This creates a gripping surface along the outer edge of the ski, to which a strip of nylon skin is attached. The gripping surface is suspended from the ground and does not touch the snow while the ski is sliding forwards. When kicking back, however, the skier puts the weight on the outer side of the foot. This way the nylon skin touches the snow, giving the skier a firm grip.

Great gripping and sliding abilities
In addition to a firm grip, Fantaski has a totally clean sliding surface that mostly make them slide notably faster than skis with gripping wax. Even if the advantage of Fantaski is smaller under extreme conditions, using them will never be a disadvantage. This has been tested for 20 years, under various conditions.

Real freestyle
The absence of gripping wax makes it possible to combine the classic and freestyle techniques just the way you want. Do some skating if the conditions permit it, and rapidly change back to the classic technique when you get tired. Fantaski makes real freestyle possible!

Small adjustment
Fantaski requires a small adjustment of the classic technique. It normally takes between 20 and 50 kilometres to get used to the adjustment. You are only a few miles away from an all new skiing experience!

For more information, please contact us at kontakt@fantaski.no